Give Unsold Sales Goods to the Needy

As July sales comes to an end, my mother and I were wondering what happens to all the unsold items that are left over. Not just clothes, but kitchenware, things for bedrooms, bathrooms, and all manner of items people need in their daily lives.

Is it just thrown away, destroyed and wasted, or is any of it given to the homeless, the poor and needy in their own countries? Imagine if every shop worldwide donated all of their unsold and unwanted sale items to charities or the needy in every country worldwide. How incredible would that be?

Larger items could maybe be given to children’s homes, women’s/men’s refuges, homeless hostels and the like to help house, clothe and give beds to those in dire need. This is a world I’d love to see. A world where people help each other and stop the dreadful waste we see each day from those with so much.

In my book, You are God’s Church, I wrote about this sort of thing with regards to food wastage in hotels, shops, restaurants etc and we are now seeing what was talked of in that book starting to happen here and there. How wonderful that is, but how much more wonderful if everything was done in this way?

In this world of climate change, that’s often caused by man’s greed and the casual throw away society we live in, we can all do our bit to help. Many are starting to, but how much more could be done if these huge companies did what is suggested here with their end of sale items that have already been in sale after sale and that they end up eventually wasting?

Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen fans, electrical equipment, desks, chairs and all manner of things that are all still able to be used just thrown into skips, thrown on tips or trashed. Why can’t we give this to those in need or have it given to reclamation/recycling companies who often pay for such things then donate the money to charities?

The same can be said of pet shops, vets and places that have all manner of things able to used for animals – wild and domestic. Come on people, let’s see if we can make this happen. Flood the big and smaller companies with letters asking for this to be done and see if we can make a difference to our fellow humans and animals.

What an incredible world it would be if only everyone helped each other as much as possible rather than throwing away, wasting and destroying things that could save the lives of others? Together we CAN make a difference.

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