Safety and Ethics in Mediumship and Healing

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    This is an instructional book aimed at changing the ways of mediumship and healing; written by me, but inspired by heaven. They say who can and can’t and who should or shouldn’t do this work, while giving guidelines to those who use mediums to show what to watch out for.

Whether people believe in this way of working or not, it is a fact it will never go away. For this reason, heaven wants those who do work in such ways to do it safely and ethically and to STOP calling up spirits. It is for this reason they have given us a guide one would not expect from them.

This is not a book for those who believe they can acquire or learn these gifts, but is for anyone interested in learning the truth about where such gifts come from and how they should be used.

They conclude with a message about our world and what we can expect in the future. As it turned out, that chapter was just a taster of much more they would share with predictions and prophecies given in the later book, The Spirit World Speaks.


 “This is such an amazingly beautiful book! It was straight to the point and told you what you should be looking for if you are a true medium or healer, how you should be practicing and what you should be charging. It also told you what you can be doing to help out if you haven’t been given the gift of mediumship. After reading this I truly felt that there is so much more in this world than people see and I’m thankful to Lorraine for being so open and writing it down. I cannot recommend this book enough!”

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“I was so confused as to how to use my natural gifts that were suddenly appearing in my life and had initially bought a book written by Spiritualist minister… After reading that book and becoming even more confused by the bizarre rituals… and how everyone seems to have a Native American guide name Black Silver Hawk or something…I knew it wasn’t for me.
I believe in God and Jesus and respect everyone’s opinions… All I know is I was guided to read the spiritualist book first and knew in my gut that I was very uncomfortable with their teachings, and then guided to read Lorraine’s book second so that I would know that what she was talking about made complete sense and debunked the spiritualist processes completely… This book should be prerequisite reading for anyone looking for help.”

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