Amazon Burning

As we watch the Amazon burn, remember what we were told in chapter three of this book? So MUCH of what this book told us eight years ago is happening.
There is so much in this book warning us of things to come and much has already been seen to happen. For how much longer can we KEEP ignoring what heaven tells us in these pages?
” …as man continues to ignore warnings they are given about the way they live. These are to become even greater in magnitude as time goes on, until mankind starts to realise it is because of the way he lives that this has to happen.
Great fires too are to ravage parts of the world and already these too have started and been bigger than seen before, but now they are to happen in parts of the world where it is least expected also.
Water is to be the first of the things to destroy much, then there is pestilence and then there is to be fire; great fires bigger than one would expect to see. Whole towns and cities are to be ravaged by fires as all is set to be destroyed.
It is as in Bible times before when these things happened and now it is to be seen again. God’s might is great and He has been angered and now He is to show the world what they are to suffer for their behaviour and lack of care with the world He gave them…”
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