Unity in God

The body of Christ. The fellowship of Christ. The Unity in God. (Excerpt from private revelations 19th October 2014)

These are all things we wish you to teach to others now. It is time for them to learn about the teachings of Christ in ways not done before. Until now, they have been taught these things within the fold of the particular religions they have been taken to by their families or friends.

There is no one way that is right and all must now come together if they wish to move forwards and unite as one rather than fight against each other. It is only by doing this they can move forwards and win the battle that is now raging within your world.

As things stand at present times one religion fights against another and this is not how the Almighty wishes it to be. He is to now bring people together under one banner again to unite against all that is bad in your world. Not all will accept this and many will fight against it to their deaths, but others will be willing to follow and understand what it is that’s wished of them.

Leaders too are to rebel against it, but many others will surprise you when they agree this is what they too have thought for some time. It is not to be as difficult as you believe it to be to gain followers in this way of being. God is now to help open the doors to enable this to start coming to fruition.

There will be many who will fight against you and the words we ask you to share with them, but more too will come and help in this fight as they recognise the wiseness of God’s words.

Religion fights against religion and yet it is all the one God they worship and adore. He is called by different names, dependant on who it is that worships, but we tell you He is one and the same to all and for all mankind.

Now is a time more than ever before that the people of your world must come together to help fight. Battles will rage for many years to come and it is not to be easy.

Many will be lost along the way and some of this is to do with lack of faith. Some will find it too hard as the devil pushes his way forwards with temptations and trials both set to put off those who stand for God.

Many of these people will stand strong and hold fire against the badness now in your world, but others are too weak and will not be able to stand what it is they are to face ahead of them…

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