Climate Change – Part of a Much Greater Problem Caused by Everyone

Climate Change is only a fraction of the problems destroying our planet. We need to STOP focusing on climate change, look at the whole problem that’s happening everywhere worldwide and stop blaming everyone but ourselves for it.

The real problem is far greater than anyone cares to admit, because once they do, THEY will have to change their lives and they know it. Already many have changed due to the real world leaders who made us aware over decades of what would happen if we didn’t. Those people have been ridiculed and still are.

They are ridiculed because they ask YOU to change. Those blaming governments and corporations are made into heroes. The reason they are heroes is because they allow you to carry on living as you please and to continue causing the problems we are now living with.

It’s time to wake up, it’s time to look at and listen to the WHOLE story and it’s time to change. To Watch a short video about it CLICK HERE

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