God is a Dirty Word

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EXCERPTS from Predictions and Prophecies (Also published under the title, The Spirit World Speaks)

“…Great fires bigger than one would expect to see. Whole towns and cities are to be ravaged by fires as all is set to be destroyed. It is as in Bible times before when these things happened and now it is to be seen again. God’s might is great and He has been angered and now He is to show the world what they are to suffer for their behaviour and lack of care with the world He gave them…”

“…We spoke too earlier of immorality and the way your world has become in this matter. How bad has it now become that we see such immorality everywhere we look. Yet people of your world seem not to notice it anymore as it is so commonplace…”

“…Many will perish and die. Already you see this happening in countries where it is easy for you to ignore, as it affects you not. This now is to change and the ones who suffered in silence in those countries are now to see some relief from their agonies, whilst others in different parts of the world least effected by these things, will now see this happening to them instead. Not yet awhile and maybe not quite in time for some of you who are here now to see, but others who are much younger will live to see these changes start to occur. Your children are to suffer for what you and generations before you have done…”

“…Some of this world are innocent in all of this, but the worst of all are the leaders of the world. It is they who have known all along some of the damage that was occurring, but their greed and a want for power is what pushed them and led them into this path. They are to blame for a lot of what they have allowed the people to do and they too will be punished along with the rest who have done wrong, as they have to pay for allowing damage to be done to that which was entrusted to their care. ..”

“…First the badness, then the disasters; already it starts. Each day now you read of more and more that has come to pass. People doing bad things to other people, even children now are affected and doing things only adults should know about. Why is this happening you ask yourselves? Look at your televisions; look at your papers and magazines. The world is obsessed with violence as well as greed and you have bred a generation of people who are obsessed with these things. No longer can they tell reality from unreality as they blend the two together. You have done this to your children. You are the guilty ones who have allowed this into your homes and children’s minds. You blame those who make these things and tell these stories, but it is you who allows this into your homes. The blame lies with you and yet so many of you try to cast the blame elsewhere. You blame the councils, the teachers, the governments and yet it is you. Look to yourselves, as you were entrusted with the lives of your own children and it is you who have let them down and allowed them to become as this. In fact, you encouraged it. You were too busy with your lives and ignored your children. You have been happy to hide them away and occupy them while you were left to do as you please. You too are to be punished as those others we have mentioned before…”


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