Prince of Chaos

Look all around you at what is happening in the world. Chaos is everywhere and there is only one person who could be responsible for how bad it’s all become.

The Prince of Chaos is in our world. He has stepped into the void left by those who walked away from God. Them turning their back on Him left a deep chasm ready to be filled with all that is bad.

Once people walk away from goodness, there remains space for its opposite to walk in and fill the gap. It is this badness the world is seeing escalate beyond anything anyone could imagine. Horror upon horror is seen as so many people of the world spiral out of control.

No matter where we look there is badness, mayhem, destruction, violence, greed, immorality and so much more. For one brief glorious spell, we enjoyed a few weeks of kindness, compassion, caring, goodness and love on a scale such as the world hasn’t seen for a long time.

The spell of glorious goodness lasted only while a vicious virus was tearing through the world at a speed which can only have been allowed by divine grace of God. It might seem strange to call it a grace of God, but it surely is. For this is what has woken some up to all that’s wrong around us and will enable change for good to follow in its wake.

We have seen a virus most surely created by man, but allowed by God to spread with unnatural speed worldwide in order to show the world how bad things have become; how this level of badness will not be tolerated by Him any longer.

This is but the start of more to come to shock the world. In amongst this reign of terror that gripped all in its wake, we were allowed to see goodness shine brightly for a moment. An all too brief moment to show us what could lie ahead if we changed our ways, came back to God and listened to heaven’s previously ignored warnings given us for many years.

Offer your lives up to Him. Come back to goodness as seen in those brief but beautiful weeks. There has always been extreme badness since time began, but each time it got out of control God stepped in. This is what’s happening now. We have brought this state upon ourselves and have no one else to blame.

There lies many good people amongst us, but their light is being hidden. It is this  God will bring forward once again. We are in a spiritual battle, but this is just the very start. Spiritual warfare is upon us and it’s time for everyone to choose which side they are on.

There are no halfway measures this time. Many innocent will have to be lost with the guilty in order for God to clean His world of all that lies rotten within it. Many already have been – just as we’ve seen happen in recent months on an unprecedented scale.

He wiped out badness and rot that was enticing so many into its lair before and He is to do this again. The world is seeing people rotten to the core of their being in such high numbers that it cannot be allowed to carry on any longer.

We were warned, those warnings were largely ignored and now the time has come for wrongs to be put right. It has begun and only the spiritually blind and deaf refuse to see or hear these truths. For the rest of us, we need to pray. Pray without ceasing, for the time is now upon us. We are in a spiritual battle such as never seen before in our lifetime.

The reign of the Prince of Chaos is at an end. We in these present generations of people are the army to stand up against him. Repent and turn away from badness. Choose which side you wish to be on, because it is here, it has started and more is on its way. Many souls are to be lost in this war of all wars, don’t let yours be one of them.

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