God’s Words too Important to be Ignored

For a very long time, I have offered my book, Predictions and Prophecies (aka The Spirit World Speaks) FREE to read on its own blog of the same name. It was also listed chapter by chapter on this blog and was available to hear on YouTube. By making it freely available without charge I inadvertently made the book worthless and everyone stopped reading it. From now on, people will have to pay to read it just as they would any other book.

Less than a handful ever took up the offer of reading it for free over a couple of years. The only people interested in its contents have been those who have bought it. Someone once said to me that giving things away makes them worthless in the eyes of others. That the more you charge, the more they think something is worth having or reading. How true this has proved to be.

Despite this book probably being the most accurate predictive book out there (BEFORE the events rather than after as so many are) people ignore it because it speaks of God. For that reason they won’t talk of it to others for fear of being ridiculed.

By making it freely available and by speaking of God I lessened its worth in the eyes of others. God’s words are more important than any in the world, but until people are ready to listen to heaven, nothing can or will make them.

As the saying goes, you can take the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The same can be said of God’s words. You can make them available for everyone to read or hear, but unless they want to accept those words, they will remain ignored.

Making my book free was to enable everyone to be able to hear from heaven about what was to come in the world, what will be in future generations and about life after our deaths. All this and so much more could have been theirs without having to pay.

Strangely, the book was read more extensively and talked about when it was for sale than it has since being free of charge. Due to this, it has caused me to put things back as they were. God’s words are too important to ignore, so I have to make them available in any way people will be prepared to take notice of them. This seems to be the only way they ever acknowledged, or will be.

From now, the book will be available on Amazon for kindles. That is why any links on other posts offering it available free of charge will now not work. I will also be making the book re-availble in paperback form possibly later this coming week. Let us hope the importance of what lies in this book will once again start being read with word spread to others.

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