Spiritual Books Possibly Answer Most Questions You’ll Ever Have

For years I’ve posted on this blog teaching, guiding, sharing words from heaven and trying to help as many people as possible who have sent me emails or skyped with me over the years. I now feel the time for writing posts regularly has come to an end.

All that needs to be said in this way has been. All the questions people had were answered and now, those 600 plus blog posts and my books will carry on sharing those things to anyone interested about God, His gifts given to us and what He asks of us all. They cover a multitude of subjects in spiritual matters , some of which include the following:-

  • Nourishment of the soul
  • Testing spirits of the dead and the living
  • Satan’s deception
  • The huge differences between mediums/psychics and true visionaries of God.
  • Supernatural gifts of God and heavenly visions
  • Predictions and prophecies – as given by heaven
  • The need for change in the Church as a body
  • How to become true followers of God as He asks of us rather than how most wish it to be
  • Respect and treatment for our world
  • Prayer
  • Suffering
  • Animals
  • The afterlife
  • Discernment

This and so much more has been talked of over the years in my books, on this blog and in person to those seeking help and guidance or counselling. There may be a time I will start doing posts again, but there is no more to be said on here for now as the time has come for it to be done in different ways – as and when God decides.

For now, anyone wishing to know what God has warned us of can hear about it all free of charge on YouTube,on this blog under the drop down headings at the top of the page, or read it on my blog named, Predictions and Prophecies.

To read that and my other books with predictions, visions and words given to be shared can also be found on Amazon. I have removed all of my books from elsewhere for now. These spiritual books possibly answer most questions you’ll ever have, especially Predictions and Prophecies (also published under the title The Spirit World Speaks).

The answers aren’t ones many want to hear, as they tell truth as given by heaven direct – or what I believe to be heaven.

They don’t pander to the whims of what people tend to want God to be so they can live as they please with no one saying they shouldn’t. Nor is it sometimes how the Church has changed some laws to suit themselves. Heaven’s words walk the middle path, the one many haven’t the courage or true faith enough to hear.

All books can be read in part free of charge on Amazon. Make your own mind up. Do YOU have what it takes to listen to God and change as He asks of you? Use your discernment at all times and pray to God for guidance when you read those words. Test them to see if you believe them to truly be of heaven or not.

If anyone wishes to speak with me one to one on Skype I am still happy to do so by arrangement and this is always free of charge. Just send me a private message on my page on Facebook

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