Love not Hate

I want a world of kindness. A world where people accept others for who and what they are. A world where the young don’t mock the old for embracing and enjoying life just because they’re older. Where any size, shape, colour or way of life is accepted rather than attacked. A world where humility, kindness, compassion and joy are embraced and seen everywhere we look.

Instead we see hate, bigotry, ridicule, insane levels of greed, out of control immorality and badness on a rapidly escalating scale. Where did all this hate and aggression come from? Where did such debauched immorality on a huge scale come from?

Why are those filled with love, joy of life, love of God (goodness), compassion, kindness, generosity, selflessness and caring, ridiculed, mocked and trampled over till they’re worn down and have the stuffing knocked out of them?

We used to see people encouraging others, uplifting them, helping, caring. Neighbours loving their neighbours. Family loving and caring for their family. Now, neighbours and families are fighting each other far too often. Old, frail or sick members of family too often cast out and dumped into care homes with people saying they’re too busy to visit, care for or have them live them.

It isn’t always possible to have our older loved ones live with us, but in todays world, this is now the norm to cast aside older family members even if we could. I visit my father practically every day and see most in his care home with no visitors or phone calls ever. They have family, just family saying they’re too busy. How sad is this? If we could have kept my dad with us, we would have, but his needs are sadly too great.

Social media sees happy videos of people having fun being mocked, ridiculed and shamed just for enjoying life. One lady shares videos of her dancing, smiling and having fun. She has the most beautiful smile, but practically every comment is of people (young people) mocking her, telling her to act her age and to basically hide away and wait to die. She isn’t even very old, but the young say she is past it and shouldn’t be having fun.

I feel so sad to be living in a world so filled with hate, greed, aggression and people trying their utmost to bring others down and destroy them; make them miserable, shatter their happiness, make them feel worthless or that they shouldn’t be allowed to be part of the world just because they don’t, look, act or live the way others tell them or think they should.

In a world of such hate, greed and darkness, be the light that shines and helps overcome such things. Be that person to embrace everyone, uplift them, make their day feel better for having met you or spoken to you. Be that light that will help overcome this darkness. Don’t sit on the fence or keep quiet if you see badness done to others. Speak out, defend them. For every bad comment mocking them, leave one uplifting them.

YOU can make a difference to this world for the better. Make every day a beautiful and better world for those you meet or come across no matter how or where you come across them.

The constant hate and abuse aimed at me for so many years made me angry and bitter. I won’t allow those bad people to change me for the worse anymore. I refuse to be as them, instead, I rise above them and cover their darkness with my light. You too can do the same.

No matter how much people do or say against you or others, ignore them, cast them behind you as we are told to cast Satan aside and tell him to get behind us. Let God and goodness shine within your hearts and spread those rays of love to the world in all directions.

No one can control who you are. Even if you forgot that for a while, claim back the real YOU today.  Bad deeds can shape us as we forget who we are or give up for a while. This is what the bad of the world are trying to do to so many people whether friends, family or strangers. Don’t let them trap you in their web of hate. Today is the day to spread love wherever you go.

Acceptance, compassion, kindness, support and love are the only things apart from good health that are important in life. Let’s remind ourselves of that fact and let’s remind others in all we say and all we do


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