Spiritual/Prophetic/Fiction Books – Prices Going Up

For all these years I’ve tried to keep my book prices down – and even had a couple up for reading in places free of charge – but this has to change. First of all, distributors are putting their prices up and charging us far more for each of our books.

Secondly, several people I’ve met recently have told me my books are far too low priced. This isn’t the first time this has been said to me. They say people seeing my spiritual books compared to others ignore mine as they think they can’t be any good due to being so low priced.

Amazon and other outlets raising their charges to authors has now made me realise I have to raise my pries to cover those costs. I will be doing it over the next few days, so if anyone wants to buy any of them now at the cheaper price, this is the time do so before the prices change.

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Just to let regulars to my blog and facebook pages know, my main page for my work was hacked and taken over by strangers who have deleted much of my work (if not all by now) losing me thousands of followers. Facebook refuse to delete the page despite it having my name but being now run by the hackers. If anyone come across it using the old links, could  you report the page  to facebook for me stating the hackers are pretending to be me and still using my name for the page. Many thanks

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