Supernatural Gifts – Fiction over Truth

When I wrote and talked about supernatural gifts using the word ‘medium‘ in my book, A Sceptical Medium, I had thousands following and wanting to see all I said. My book sold well. Once they realised God was talked about, they got angry and book sales stopped.
Likewise, talking of God and teaching about His supernatural gifts as they REALLY are in all my books, the people within religions get nasty preferring drama and circuses such as seen at medjugorje, despite that probably being the biggest deception the Church has allowed to continue.
So few today want reality and truth, but will pay a fortune to anyone pandering to their fantasies of what God, true visionaries or supernatural gifts are really about.
The Church SHOULD be teaching about such matters, but instead use it to their advantage for either control or making money just as fake mediums within spiritualism do.
The truth sets us free, but no one today except a few want truth. I walk that middle path called truth and this is why so few want what I offer. I refuse to change and will always teach and prefer truth over fantasy. I want to set people free, not control them.

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  1. That’s so very kind of you Maria, thank you. So good to see you after all this time. My other page on Facebook was hacked and has been taken over by someone. Facebook refuse to delete it despite them using my name. I’d love if you followed my other page as hardly any followers now. Keep well dear Maria xx

  2. Maria Reade

    I have always admired your courageous work Lorraine.

  3. So very true Lorraine x

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