Climate Change Predictions Proving to be True

From the Guardian Newspaper

Here we see proof things are happening as predicted 12 years ago in my book of predictions and prophecies (The Spirit World Speaks).
This and so much more is proving those predictions are now happening and coming true yet people shun the book all because it mentions God.
People have been warned, told how they could have changed some of it, but their refusal to listen is why it’ll get worse – just as predicted.
Look at chapter three in the sample at this link which mentions only part of this. More in other chapters of what’s to come and more in some of my other books about different predictions.
When will people start to listen, share those predictions, take them seriously and start to change their lives in ways necessary in order to help prevent some of what’s to come. We were told we could help prevent some, but for others it’s already too late.
Sadly, people prefer anything that makes them feel better, rather than  the harsh realities that make them face up to life and change their ways. WE are the ones making all these disasters and changes happen by our lifestyles. We can change it, the problem is, does anyone care enough to want to?

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2 responses to “Climate Change Predictions Proving to be True

  1. I immediately thought of the words you shared when California started flooding. Now, it is being said this lake is bigger than it has been in 150 years! How do people not see He is involved in these happenings? How are we supposed to reverse the damage? I worry for my children.

  2. Christine Nevin

    Yes Lorraine everything is happening just as you were told and, whom you told in your books

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