He Who Exalts Himself Shall Be Humbled



Doing a good deed, being a kind person and looking after others needs should come naturally to any decent human being. If anyone says they believe in God and love Him, this would be their way of life rather than done as a one-off here and there.

To those who live this way they don’t see anything special about their behaviour. To them, it is how everyone lives and they don’t see themselves as being different. Sadly, too many today do good things only to be noticed and draw attention to themselves. They seek glory and adulation from others, who are all too ready to give it without seeing it was a false act of kindness and not a genuine one.

Now, some might say that the end result is surely all that matters. If one looks only at this life, then yes, maybe it is. However, if you are looking at a life beyond this earthly one, then we have a problem.

You see, we are meant to be striving to please God in order to be with Him in His heavenly kingdom. If all we care about is doing an odd good deed to make others believe we are good people, then the only rewards we shall receive are those of this world and not beyond.

God loves a giver, but only one who does it selflessly and for no reward. He loves those who are selfless, generous, kind, caring and who look after all that lives in this world with us. He has no time for those who are self seeking, vain, immodest, self glorifying and who seek the rewards of man for any kindness done.

If you are a genuinely good, kind and caring person, your deeds will not go unnoticed. Leave others to talk of what you do, there is no need to boost yourself in the eyes of others. “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12

If you truly love God, be as Him and how He asks us to be. It is no good saying you believe in Him and want to do things that please Him if you do things that don’t. Too many are addicted to being seen as wonderful for giving comfort and telling people messages or readings, but is this pleasing God? No, it is doing the opposite.

We are told not to do those things in the way we see them done, so anyone saying they are doing God’s work isn’t if working this way. Use your gifts of God how He asks of us and not how man wants you to. Do good deeds behind the scenes and not for all to see in order to receive adulation and glory for them.

Whatever it is you do in life for others, remember to do it with humility and not with arrogance, pride or for show. God sees all we do, we don’t have to keep telling Him.

People love to be told how wonderful someone is and they will believe it without checking to see if the words are true. Is this the false love and attention or rewards you seek, or those of God who sees behind the scenes rather than in front of them as on a stage? The choice is yours to make.

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