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For the last few months I have been told to rest, prepare and reflect. During this period, I have asked for guidance of which way to go forward and what to do. The reason for this is due to me not liking how my work was back at the start. Some of the old ways don’t mix well with the new.

My earlier books and blog posts now embarrass me. They shouldn’t, because they have helped, and still do help, many people who are in the same place I was many years ago. As such, they are very valuable books for anyone seeking answers about such matters, as they guide people in the ethics and morals of such work. People who are stuck with only man made teachings for guidance – just as I was.

The older work embarrasses me due to having content about doing readings and suchlike, while saying how to be true to God (not to mention the bad editing – smiles). The bits left over from being brainwashed by all the teachings out there on this subject. Teachings I now know to be totally  incorrect for anyone wanting to use natural gifts properly and that please God.

It is due to these differences the name of the author on the books listed below will be changed from Lorraine Holloway-White to A Sceptical Medium – a name I’m already known by anyway.

How to Know if You’re a Medium

Let’s Talk Natural Mediumship

A Sceptical Medium (already withdrawn)

A Sceptical Medium 2 (already withdrawn)

A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing

I was going to withdraw those books totally, but people still need the advice given within those pages. However, new ones will also be written on the same subjects, but totally revised and reworded without any of the man made ways the above contain.

The two ways of my old and present day work need to be separated. The old books will be under the name of A Sceptical Medium and my old blog of that name is to be resurrected to showcase them and their content. My more recent work will stay under my own name and be showcased on this blog.

The way things are at present, anyone looking at my books on Amazon would be easily confused about just what it is I believe in spiritually. There are books about mediums and others talking only of God. Although with similar content, the two need to be showcased separately.

This blog will have the much older posts password protected or removed altogether. New posts will still be published here as they are at present. The Horoscopes will also be moving to the other blog where they are far more suited.

Everything in my life now has to be streamlined. This started a while ago when I closed groups and changed the name of this blog and my page on Facebook to my own rather than anything connected with the word medium.

I feel I have been guided for the last few months and changes have been happening gradually, as have circumstances in my life, for a while now. I started to revise A Sceptical Medium and was unable to continue – I now know why.

I have prayed about this for some time and this evening, my answer was given to me of what it is I have to do. I am excited about the old books being reworded. It is also exciting that there are to be two very separate blogs and types of books out there from now on.

The two blogs and book styles are very much a part of me, my life and my path of spiritual progression, but like all things in life, some parts of our past need to be kept separate from how and where we are now. This is what I am doing with my work. With New Year coming, what better time to separate the old from the new?

The changes will take time to happen in their finality, but work is already in progress. It is hoped by making such changes more people can be reached from the different paths we’re all on. Who knows, one day, they might be able to blend together as one with the same goal in mind – to love and serve God.

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