God’s Light


As I sit and look at the sun shining with the air crisp and feeling light, it makes me have hope for our world. It is as though God has come to us in this new year and shone His light upon us all bringing us hope for the coming months.

In a winter that is seeing much flooding and weather extremes, many have had to struggle to get through each day. Trying to rescue and save much treasured belongings, their animals and even basic needs.

How lucky are the rest of us who haven’t had to suffer in such ways, but maybe our suffering has been different. Although we may not have had extremities of weather to deal with, many of us have different trials to get through and this is where faith, hope and trust in God can help us.

No matter how hard life might be, no matter what things are thrown at us to cope with, there is a reason for all of it. We may not know what those reasons are, but God does. He sees and knows the greater picture – the end picture. Not just of our world and all in it, but of each of our lives too.

Days of sunshine with light spreading over us all can be seen as God’s heavenly light shining upon us. Reminding us He is there helping us through everything we suffer if only we’d let Him. That light can shine even on the darkest of days too if only we’d let it.

Life is hard and much seems unfair, cruel and often unjustified. The more we suffer, the stronger we usually become. For those who remain firm in God’s love and trust in Him, the more compassionate we become and sensitive to the needs of others.

Everything we go through helps us to understand what others are suffering and how they feel. Without such experiences, how cold, unfeeling and insensitive  would we all be? We’d never care for others or want to help them, as we’d have no understanding of what they are going through or their needs.

I thank God each day in my prayers for all that comes to me in life – good and bad. Especially the bad things, for they are the ones that strengthened me, my faith in Him and are what have made me who I am today.

Instead of asking ‘why me?’ Ask instead, ‘why not me?’ We don’t want to wish things on others instead of us, but by asking ‘why me?’, that is what we’re basically doing – wishing it on someone else instead of ourselves.

No matter how many dark, dismal days there may be in your life, imagine God’s light coming into the world – your world, and adding His brightness to it. Allow His brightness and light to shine within you. Let His love warm your body and soul, then go out and spread that light, hope and love to others, that they too may find comfort and peace in their hearts.

Where God is, there is hope, love and strength. Keep Him in your daily lives and never give up believing. While you have God in your lives, you have all you need. No matter what life throws at you, He will see you through it all if you place your trust in Him and keep faith. Faith moves mountains and it can change your life if only you’ll let it.

Happy New Year to you all

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