Christianity and Homosexuality


The other day I watched a recording of Celebrity Big Brother that was very controversial. This was due to extreme comments made by one person about the title of this post. Whatever a person believes, whatever their religion is, they have no right whatsoever to be offensive or hurtful to another human being.

A man on the aforementioned programme said he was against gay marriage and gay adoption of children as he was a Christian. He went on to say adoption by gay couples was child abuse.

Homosexuality is not a reason to hate someone. How they live or love is not a reason to hate them unless they’re criminals or deliberately hurting others. They are human beings, just as straight people are human beings. They have feelings and emotions just as anyone else does. They have love to give to others, so who are we to say who they can share that love with?

If a child is in need of a home and love, what or who says a gay person is unable to love, care for and cherish that child? Many straight people abuse children or cannot love them, which is why so many are without a loving home. Where does God say a gay person cannot have or love a child – nowhere?

By all means be against gay marriage in church, as that is upholding God’s laws not man’s, but do not use your hatred or bigotry in civil marriage or in gay child adoption by saying it’s a Christian ‘thing’, because it isn’t.

There are many homosexual’s within the church who serve and love God each day as priests, nuns and lay people. Just because they may not be acting on their sexuality doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It is part of them and who they are.

The Christian church accepts, loves and honours all people of every walk, race, creed and sexuality. The only thing people are asked in return, is to respect and obey God’s laws within the church.

I am a Christian and follow what God asks of us as much as I am able to do. However, being human, I make mistakes and cannot be perfect. I sin and offend him often I’m sure, but the important thing is I try to do what’s right.

Not being perfect or able to do all He asks of me doesn’t stop me being a good Christian. Nor does accepting gay people and loving them as we are asked to do by God.

God asks us to love thy neighbour as thyself. No matter their deeds, way of life, likes, dislikes or anything else. We are told to love not hate. In some cases we can dislike, or even hate, a person’s deeds, but still we are told to love them.

Too many people say they are Christians far too easily today and yet they aren’t in any way shape or form in their behaviour or beliefs. They might believe in God and Jesus, but ignore all the teachings and laws set by Him. Then we have the ones such as this man who try hard to please and obey Him, but get it wrong in other ways.

I felt so sad watching that man today with everyone booing him. He was so sure he was obeying God’s will by hating gay couples. He thought their wanting to give a safe, loving and secure home to children was against God and hateful. How can it be when God is love, when what He asks of us is to love one another and look out for each other?

What stood out most of all was the hatred aimed towards him by everyone else. They might not agree with what he said and know it is wrong, but they showed just as much hatred as he had. Where was one person doing as God asks of everyone in that crowd – loving thy neighbour as thyself? There wasn’t one in sight.

So, before you judge, before you condemn the action or words of another, look at your own reaction to them and what you say about them as well. See how it is no different if you behave or speak as that crowd did. Remember, you might not like or agree with anyone, but you are not any more justified in hating them as they are you.

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