Obeying God’s Laws


One of the saddest things we are seeing in society today is banner-waving people complaining about church laws within Christian beliefs. The reason it is so sad, is because those behaving in such ways say they are Christians, yet they’re demanding everything be changed for them.

The latest rights they want, is gay marriage in church. I say the latest, as there is always something protestors want to change to suit their own lifestyles. If you call yourself a Christian and yet protest against God’s laws and teachings ask yourself these simple questions to see if what you’re doing is right.

Will what you are fighting for strengthen and build God’s church and the faith of those in it, or will it cause yet another divide and thereby weaken the church more than it is already?

God’s laws cannot be changed – man’s can. As this is one of God’s laws, they must stop this nonsense or admit they aren’t real Christians. The thing is, most people today demanding women as priests, gay bishop’s who are practicing homosexuals and gay marriage in churches are not Christian in any way shape or form.

Words are cheap and in some cases, very cheap indeed. How easy to say one is a Christian when not believing in, or following, anything God asks of us? I can say I’m a fish, but that doesn’t make me one. I can say I’m an astronaut, but that doesn’t make me able to fly through space either. Anyone can say they are anything they want, but it is their deeds, their lifestyle that will show us what they truly are.

Anyone protesting against God and what He asks of us is not for Him, but against Him. Anyone protesting in such a vehement aggressive way is even worse, for they are trying their hardest to make others turn from God also.

If anyone professes to be anything in life and wants to be, they should follow it to the best of their ability and follow the laws and guidelines set down by whatever it is they profess to have joined or follow. To join anything and then try one’s hardest to change it to suit individual tastes is being a rebel. You don’t like it and their laws and rules don’t suit you – Then walk away and leave it to those who do like and follow what it is they belong to.

How many people waving banners everywhere demanding the church changes to fit in with them actually go to church each week? How many sit at home and pray each day with sincerity, purity and love in their hearts for God? How many actually even know or love God and how many are doing it just so they can use His home for their big party?

Protestantism has a lot to answer for in the decline of churches and church members. Their liberal ways and attitudes of changing everything they fancy to suit individual tastes rather than God’s requests of us is why we are seeing so much upset, divide and schisms over so many years.

Why are they even still calling themselves Christians when so much of Christianity seems to offend them and those who follow them? One either has to follow all God’s laws or walk away from them totally. If you want to cause a schism and break away from all God asks of you then do so, but do it properly and stop pretending to love and obey Him. You aren’t, you are nothing but a half-baked, watered down Christian with hardly any Christian beliefs left in you.

No one asks of us to be perfect. To be perfect as God is perfect means we have no need to be here any more, but we are asked to try our hardest to strive to be as perfect as He is. To even try to do such a thing, we have to honour, obey and copy Him and do all He asks of us – not just the bits we fancy.

If you are unhappy with church laws that are based on God’s requests of us, then it is time you looked for another church or stopped pretending to believe in God. To believe in Him means believing all His teachings, not just those you find easy to follow.

Jesus came to this world born as flesh to go through all God asks of us to go through. He had to suffer the temptations of Satan, man and the flesh just as we do. He has to struggle against ridicule, badness and hatred. He suffered in ways none of us will be asked to suffer and he died the most agonising and cruel of deaths, just as many of us will.

This shows us God is not asking anything of us that He is not prepared to undertake for us. Jesus is God made man and come in the flesh. He knows what we are suffering. He knows what He has asked of us and He knows how hard it will be for many of us. Does this not show you He also understands when we struggle and can’t always manage what He asks?

He is a compassionate loving father and understands our failings. He made us, He knows everything about us, including our innermost thoughts. Is it too much then to be honest with Him as well as ourselves? Why do we lie to Him about who and what we are, what we want from life and how we want to live?

All He asks of us is that we do the best we can and try our hardest to do all He asks of us. He knows we won’t be able to achieve it all, but the important thing is that we try. Doesn’t this mean then that we have to stop making demands on a body that is trying to guide us?

Instead, we should be respecting them for the fact they are upholding God’s words and trying hard to guide all of us on a path we are asked to follow. If you find what is being asked of you isn’t to your liking, then walk away. Don’t try your hardest to destroy all that is good, for if it is of God then it is good. God never gets things wrong, man does and Satan tries to guide us in wrongdoings.

God loves all of us no matter our colour, race, creed or sexual orientation (as long as it is a genuine one), but nowhere does He say we aren’t still expected to uphold His laws. Things are sent to try and test us in life to see how much we will try to do as asked of us. Nowhere did He say it would be easy. If it was, where is the test to show how much we will try to gain His rich rewards?

Jesus suffered and had a hard life, why should God’s only Son suffer as He did and yet you expect your life to be easy and exactly what you want? No one fitted their life or rules around Jesus, so why should they fit theirs around you?

We are here to learn and be tested. It is up to us if we give into temptation, walk away from God, try to rebel against Him and lead others astray and further from Him, or if we decide to try our hardest to live as asked of us. Those who try to live as God asks have hard lives with many struggles and temptations to overcome.

The straighter the path we walk, the harder it becomes. Only the strong will survive, the weak will fall at the wayside just as the seed that was scattered – for we are those seeds. Some fell on stony ground while others landed in fertile soil and grew. Which seed you are depends on your free will. I wonder which seed you decide to become.

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