Novena to Our Lady for the World

Novena to Our Lady for the World

Evil is now permeating throughout our world more than ever before. As people have turned their backs on God, Our Blessed Mother has asked us to pray without ceasing and to recite the prayer she gave in her own words. Pray every day to Our Lady of Sorrows, Mount Carmel and Fatima for strength, wisdom and guidance.

Day One

We ask our dear Lord to forgive His children, who in their innocence, are led into badness by those who offer false god’s in our Father’s name. May our prayers before our Blessed Mother this day help save their souls from Satan.

Heavenly Mother, I place my trust in you. (Repeat this part three times)

Day Two

Petition to Our Lady

O Blessed Mother conceived without sin pray for us today as we come to you in recognition of your son’s sacrifice for us. We ask that you may help us in our hour of need and that you might bless all those who live in your Son’s name and do His bidding. Look with mercy upon us and pray for our souls that we too may one day come to His heavenly Kingdom where He reigns forever and ever Amen.

Heavenly Mother, we place our trust in you. (Repeat this last part three times)

Day Three

Mary, Mother of God, Lady of Sorrows, Fatima and Carmel lead us in prayer and help guide us in what we can do to help save souls from Satan. Help us find a way to lead others towards our Heavenly Father that we may be saved and come to Eternal Salvation. Most of all help us to have the strength required to stand up and fight against the evil seen before us in the world today.

Heavenly Mother, we place our trust in you. (Repeat this last part three times)

copyright© 31st October 2014 Lorraine Holloway-White

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