Angels of God -v – Angels of Darkness

Most of the chapters for Predictions and Prophecies are now on YouTube and able to be heard. The whole book will be uploaded by the weekend. Now no one has a chance to say they weren’t able to hear the words God wanted shared with you all.

They aren’t what you’d all like to hear, as they don’t pander to how everyone wants to live, but they are what God wants. Do you know the difference between angels of God and angels of darkness? Find out what the differences are and so much more.

What the book is about

What does the future hold and how will it affect the world and you as an individual? Predictions and Prophecies is filled with words I’ve been asked to share with as many people as possible.

First published in 2012 under the old title of, The Spirit World Speaks, the words from heaven are now able to be heard free of charge in a series of videos with me reading the whole book to you chapter by chapter. Videos of the other chapters are in the process of being recorded and uploaded.

Further predictions and visions (including the ones about Ireland, Italy and Taiwan) are also in the books, Voices from Heaven and Heaven is Guiding Me. Should anyone wish to also have a hard copy, all of my books are available in paperback and e-book at and on Amazon and other online stores.

The earlier chapters in this book are more about cruelty of people towards each other and animals. How balance needs to be restored in the world and about many disasters we were warned would happen bigger and bigger and closer and closer together. We are told why they are happening in this way and what can or cannot be done about it.

Weather changes and climate change, disasters, fires, floods and more, as already seen to happen since publication of the book. What is to become of the planet and why. Land masses appearing and disappearing. The outcome for people, animals and plant life.

Spiritualism, false mediums and similar work is talked of. How not all can do it or learn and how it is not coming from anything good. They tell us how it is deceiving people so they are led further from God and why this is. False spirituality in the world and how to tell which is real and which isn’t and so much more is talked of. Angels of God versus angels of darkness.

Some parts are repeated in other chapters, as they say they know many will ignore their words due to not liking what they hear, whereas others will rejoice and say ‘at last’. If they keep telling them certain parts through the book , they hope it may make some listen and take note.

Religion is talked of, as are religious and world leaders. Science, astral travel, space travel. Nothing much is left out. Later chapters talk of abortion, babies with no names on birth certificates and what that will mean in later generations. Black magic, Ouija boards (though not directly name is talked of), Satanism, bestiality, paedophilia are all talked of.

The afterlife, re-incarnation, what happens after we die and so much more covered. Do animals have souls and what is the point of their suffering? If you have questions about life, and death, the answers may well be in this book. Are they answers you’ll want to hear or not?

For the video channel with all the chapters CLICK HERE

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