Death of Religion

We were warned there was to be a death of religion before it would rise again as a stronger one where all will be united rather than divided as now. We can see this happening on a daily basis and what is destroying it is man’s ways and laws taking over from God’s.It is also due to weakness and lack of leadership in many churches.

We were told this death wouldn’t happen totally in our lifetime, but would be seen to start in it. The death is now happening, as more and more people ignore God’s laws to replace them with their own individualised ones.

Churches that profess to be Christian are sometimes hardly recognisable as being anything of God any more, as man’s ways are now the dominant ones. I predicted this would happen with women when I was still only in my teens and was laughed at for saying it at the time.

I told them feminism was going to see women pushing men out of everything, until the only thing left to take over would be the church. When that time came, I said we’d see them push men out and they’d take over there too, changing everything they could change. This is exactly what has happened and is what we’re seeing happen more and more.

Atheists used to be people who lived life quietly and respected others rights to believe in something they didn’t. Now, we see people being venomously arrogant about God, intolerant and abusive towards His followers.

The world is getting worse and worse. The badness, vileness and aggression towards believers in God is getting greater and in a rapid escalation only the blind cannot see. It has to stop, but it won’t. It’s what we were warned would happen and here it is.

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