Texan Humanity and Heaven’s Words

Texas is seeing so much sadness right now, but it is also seeing much goodness and a coming together of people doing the most extraordinary deeds to help others. This is yet another prediction seen to be coming true from the book, Predictions and Prophecies.

We were told disaster would follow disaster, that they would become bigger, more extreme and more frequent and that this had to happen for a reason. The reason was to make people think hard about why all this was happening and to see people behave in ways the world hasn’t seen for too long now.

Most people have become very selfish, materialistic and far too busy to see the needs of others, let alone tend to them or help. Yes, there are still many good people, but there are far more who are now so self-absorbed they see nothing but their own wants and needs.

Disasters always bring out the best sides of people and by having so many happen close together and in bigger ways, we will see this goodness come to the forefront again in way our world once used to be when it was a godfearing world.

After 9/11, we saw people behaving in ways never usually seen in a large city. Apart from the odd looter trying to cash in on disaster, the majority stopped their own lives to cater to and help others. The humanity, caring and compassion shown was incredible to see.

It didn’t take long before they all went back to living as they normally do though and this is what happens after each disaster. People become very compassionate and caring for a short while before reverting back to self absorption again.

We were told as part of God claiming back His world, that disasters would come much closer together and would become more extreme to make sure the goodness would not be forgotten. It was in order to make people sit up and ask, “What on earth is going on, why is this all happening?” and that’s exactly what we’re starting to see happen now.

People are staring to ask those things and more will ask them as disasters continue to happen. The last five years has seen this happening just as predicted, but they’re growing even bigger than seen up till now and closer together in ways the world cannot ignore, no matter how much they may want to.

Fires spreading in ways not seen before, floods too, extremes of weather and strange temperature behaviours are all happening as we were told they would. Disasters of both God’s hand and man’s would be seen more and more. Just how many terrorist attacks have we seen growing over those years since the book told us about these things too?

As both types have happened, we’ve seen the kindness grow. That kindness will keep happening, as time between each disaster, be it of man’s hands or God’s, will become less and less, till caring for others becomes more a way of life again rather than a one off as happens now.

We were told the world had to change in that book and we’re being told it time and again. So many have chosen to ignore those words and teachings as fanciful ramblings of weird people, but now, even the media has realised change is needed as this headline shows. God’s words shared with us five years ago are now being said, just as we were told they would be:-

Houston, You are the Change our World Needs to SeeCLICK HERE to read full article. “I have watched an entire community rally together and truly show us what it should look like to love others.” 

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