Divine Intervention

Have you ever had a strange experience or warning that appears to have been Divine Intervention? Have you ever been given advance warning of someone going to die no matter how far apart you live – or any stories similar. If so, would you share it with me?

No alleged messages from mediums etc thank you, only totally true stories about something happening you cannot explain, but that may have saved your life or given a warning in some way.

If there is anything you’re puzzled over, even experiences you have that you’re not sure why they happen, please write to me at – lorrainehw (at) yahoo (dot)

I am especially interested in Catholics and those who believe in God who are told these things are wrong, but who are confused by why it’s happened/happening.

I am also more than happy to speak with people over Skype to help you understand what might be happening to you if it is just one experience, or more than a one off thing they’ve experienced.

Thank you


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