Shift in Earth’s Axis to Climate Change – More Predictions Proven to be True


Yet more from the contents of this book are proving to be correct all the time. Look at the excerpts from it and what the scientists are now saying over six years after we were told it by heaven.

From The Spirit World Speaks (also named Predictions and Prophecies)

“… Floods, famine and pestilence are just some of the things that are to affect the people of your world when these things occur. Some are to benefit greatly and those who once starved are now to see improvement in their lives as the world starts to spin on its axis to a point….” Taken from Chapter Three of Predictions and Prophecies (Also published as, The Spirit World Speaks.

Also, from Chapter Twelve “…Roles are to be reversed as these changes take place. The world spins on its axis as this all takes place. None of you will be aware of these changes to come until it all happens….”

and a third mention – “…The world will tilt from its axis and there will be ground moving and devastating effects. Floods and tsunamis will flood many lands caused by this. Some countries will disappear as you know them and will no longer exist in your world….”

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