Medjugorje and the Pope’s Decision on ‘Pilgrims’

Today’s announcement by the Vatican dismayed me greatly and worried me even more so. What on earth is the pope thinking by allowing this to be official now after having mocked it for so long and hinted it isn’t genuine? Is this decision what we think, or is it something else?

One has to wonder at his decision and if it is coming from the right place. I believe it is. Is this being done for a reason? Yes, I think so. While people are in Medjugorje they are caught up in the fanatical behaviour and claims of having found God. The pious ones coming back home from there, were overly pious before going to Medjugorje anyway. They cannot be counted among the numbers being claimed as conversions, yet they are, despite their continued non stop visits.

The circus displayed by alleged visionaries performing daily to the crowds and people needing alleged visions to come to God, is all a mockery of what is truly of heaven. People devoted to the place and the visionary – yes, you read right, devoted to a place and a person rather than God – are CLAIMING millions have been converted.

Where are these millions of new converts, priests, nuns and monks made over almost forty years? Funny in all these decades none of them can be seen and the actual fruits can’t be seen outside of Medjugorje either isn’t it? Where are the tangible figures or proof of these alleged huge increases in vocations and conversions?

Once people leave and go home, only a tiny percentage still feel the same way, unless already believers in God before they went. Instead, considering how many, many millions have gone there over the decades, we haven’t seen any build up of the Church or glorification of God, but we have seen a huge increase in money made and glorification of a town and a person alleging to speak to Our Lady each day.

The decline in vocations and in conversions is what the world has seen in the last forty years with no increase in sight. Convents and churches galore have been closed and sold off due to lack of priests and nuns – all since this alleged miraculous place claimed to be building the Church and swelling numbers.

Lack of monks too is another problem with Abbey’s and Monastaries closing and being sold off. The Church as a whole is in decline and Medjugorje has done nothing to build it up, despite claims it has. Look at the truth of these words and stop being so blinded.

Satan’s battle is certainly underway with his temptations and most probable pretence of heavenly visions everyone is too ready to believe. No talk of the alleged visionaries having tested EVERY single time either and no talk of followers testing the spirits of what claims to be of heaven, nor testing the spirit of the alleged visionaries. Do any of them even know how to test properly?

Lack of discernment and lack of testing the spirits by everyone going to this place is rife, but blind acceptance is the norm. The pope is giving mixed messages and one has to ask why and what the REAL reason for his announcement is. I don’t think it is about acceptance. I think something else is at play.

I do hope he too hasn’t been tempted and fallen at the fence like so many others due to temptation and a need to pander to the people. Is it done to make him popular by those not liking him being firm and bringing people back to God’s ways at last? I very much doubt it is either of those things. He is a clever man, he is a man with mystical gifts and better able than any others to discern what is happening there.

Until now, he has been doing God’s work, but with this decision announced today, I was at first seriously concerned. Had he too been swayed, or is it something much cleverer he’s doing? Fighting Satan in today’s world is very hard indeed and sadly, so few even recognise when he’s at work, let alone prepared to fight him. Maybe then, the pope is not being deceived after all and maybe, just maybe, this is about being able to control the ‘pilgrims’ and lead them properly.

It could just be possible that in his wisdom, he has put an Archbishop there in place ready and with the Church controlling pilgrimages and pilgrims, they  can now gain control and stop the fanatical behaviour.

What we’ve seen, is believers organising their own trips with their own ideas often being put to the people going on them. People are already brainwashed into believing the hype before they even get there. By taking control, the Church can maybe start to calm things down and stop it being what it presently is. Let us hope this is the case. It makes sense to me, does it to you?


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