Collector of Souls For Satan

Take this as you may, but I’ve been asked to share with you a vision and knowledge received today.

Today I was shown a dark, dark shape of a hooded shadow that was black as hell. This is very difficult to write, but it’s something I have to do. The vision around this shadow was of total devastation all around with bodies everywhere and what appeared to be Our Lady praying over them.

I knew it was her due to the veil and crown on her head and the words, ‘Queen of Heaven’ that were put into my head. I was told the shadowed person was the Collector of Souls for Satan and that he was there to collect all souls that belonged to him.

It was then I was told our prayers could save the people who would otherwise have repented their sins, but who had no time due to the instantaneous deaths they suffered when this earthquake struck – for that’s what I feel this was – an earthquake of immense proportions.

There will still be many souls to collect for Satan of those who would not have repented anything in their lives had they lived, but we are asked to help those who will be unable to pray for themselves. Our prayers now, can help them when the time comes.

I have no idea if this is to be soon or months away – if it is even correct at all – but can we risk not helping those poor people this may happen to? It doesn’t need to be anything more than a simple heartfelt prayer to God asking for mercy on their souls and that He may accept our prayers asking for their salvation on their behalf.

About three years ago I was told, ‘man, volcano, earthquake’. Is this what we are being told is now drawing close? I have no idea, but no matter how hard this is to deliver, it’s a message I cannot ignore just in case. After all, so much else predicted and shared with you all eight years ago has already come true exactly how we were told it would.

God’s souls belong to Him and if we can help save them from Satans grasp, how can we refuse to help our fellow humans in their time of need? I do not wish to alarm anyone by this message and have no idea if it will come true or if I am being deceived. I test all I am given and this is no different. I ask you to always do the same – that includes testing me and all I’m given to share.

If it doesn’t come about, then ridicule that may follow is not something I’m worried about, as only God’s approval is what I seek, not man’s. If it doesn’t come true, it shows the importance of always testing.

May God be with you and especially all those poor souls we are asked to pray for should this come about. Thank you in advance for giving unconditionally your love and help to those most in need.


Dear Lord, please have mercy on those who die with no warning and are therefore unable to repent and ask Your forgiveness for their sins. We ask this of those who have died and who will in the future.

We humbly beseech You to have mercy on their souls and to bring them to Your heavenly Kingdom. We ask this, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.

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  2. I have followed her for years. The predictions give to her are close to 100 percent.

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