Only Two More Popes

Many years ago, I published details I was given about there being a pope who would be replaced and that after the one to replace him, there would only be two more popes.

I cannot find where I published that now sadly, due to my older blogs having been lost and my first ever laptop where I stored such things having crashed with no way to retrieve anything from it.

That knowledge given has never left me though and last year I published it again. Something today says to re-publish and remind people about it. We should be praying. We’re asked all the time to pray. Our Lady asked me to share a prayer with you all, which I did. She has come many times over the years asking the same thing of people.

We don’t want fanatacism, we don’t want mystics or visionaries made into super heroes and celebrities, we want prayer for the Church and for the world said with the utmost humility and reverence. We have to mean those prayers and say them every day.

With so much else given to me years ago being seen to happen right now and over the last two years, it would seem this prediction too could come about. None of what I’ve been given to share is secret with only generlisations given, for what would be the point in that? It is given for all to hear in order we change and have a chance to repent, pray and do as God and our Blessed Mother asks of us.

What otherwise would be the point of Our Lady, or anyone else of heaven such as the saints, coming to me if I was to give only generalisations and kept those warning to myself? Some things have been kept private, but God wants us to help change those things that still can be, and tells us we can do that by constant prayer, masses and rosaries.

Heaven tells us in details what will happen if we don’t change – Some of which we’ve seen since told about it. Chapters three and twelve of The Spirit World Speaks told us eight years ago in detail what to expect with weather and climate and we’ve seen it happen in the last couple of years exactly how they described.

The Church is losing people hand over fist, despite unfounded claims by self- proclaimed visionaries about millions of conversions. Conversions no one has seen and that are very lacking in evidence. Vocations to the priesthood and religious orders are no different. They too are down in huge numbers.

Having been warned there is to be a death of religion before we see a new one bringing everyone together with no divisions, it makes me wonder if we are to see the fall of the Catholic Church as we know it and of Christianity as a whole due to how watered down and divisive it all is.

Things have to change. We keep being told every person has to change and so do religious leaders. They have to teach and guide properly and not how they have been doing for too many years now.

The present pope is doing as God asks of us. The cardinals, archbishops and bishops should be doing the same and listening to him, not fighting him as many are. Chapter nine of the same book talks of religion and religious leaders not doing as they should be.

Sadly, many mock the pope and others who are doing God’s work. Others don’t like what he is doing, as it exposes what they have been doing that’s wrong and so they want him stopped. I have been given word about that also.

It is mankind’s demands that are to destroy much we know in the world today. It is only by destruction of what we know presently, that eyes firmly closed to the truths being told by the few, will open at last.

No matter how many predictions are given that have proven to be accurate, still people wish to pretend none of it is due to them and their behaviour. Still we are very divisive and still, too many religious leaders (and followers) fail to acknowledge what it is they should be doing.

So, are there only two more pope’s to come after this one, or not? One thing we can be certain of is the growth of false spirituality and false prophets, as this is seen everywhere we look. What we can also be certain of is the decline in true spirituality, genuine mystics and visionaries and genuine followers of God.

Do as Our Lady asked of us and pray without ceasing, for it’s only by doing this that SOME of what is to come can be prevented. Sadly, for much more predicted to us, it’s already far too late.

Both the prayer and these words below it were given to me from Our Lady to share with the world. “Pray, pray like you have never prayed before, as the hour is now upon your world for disaster to befall many who have hurt my beloved Son.”


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