Book Promotion – My Relationship with God

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My Relationship with God is not just about how much He and heaven have protected and guided me, but how they also helped me understand about my supernatural gifts. Gifts the Church refused to help with or guide me in.

The Church has been a good influence in my life, but it has also let me down often. God and heaven never have. This is a story of my relationship with heavenly realms and how it has developed from childhood to present day.

I will remain forever indebted to God, the angels and saints for always being beside me. For helping me through the darkest of times both earthly and spiritual that were aimed at stopping me working for God.

What lies ahead for me with my heavenly work isn’t yet for me to know, but predictions and guidance given to me over recent years have been shared in a series of books just as they asked. This one is no different.

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