Heaven and Spiritual Discernment

My name is Lynda and I have been a friend of Lorraine’s since July 2013. We both share a great love for God, and one day, after following her blog for some time, met over Skype at my request. I had a few questions with regards to God and spiritual matters. She said the call would possibly last a couple of hours, as most people first making contact with her had questions which led into other questions – and it did.

 It’s amazing how much Lorraine can explain about spiritual matters. Since then, our friendship has grown, and I have been very privileged to observe some important spiritual events that happened with Lorraine over the years. During this particular conversation recorded below, we began talking as we normally do, but shortly into the conversation I noticed her eyes, her voice, and her words began to change.

I had seen that look come over her before and felt I should tape this conversation as these changes happen when I believe Heaven is speaking through her or guiding her. It’s times like this I feel it’s important those words have to be heard and is maybe why they allow such things to be witnessed on rare occasion by myself and one other. Here Lorraine speaks about Heaven and the importance of testing everything with regards to spiritual matters and more.

From: Conversations with Lorraine (August 11, 2020 – Heaven and Spiritual Discernment)

 Lorraine: “When someone claims to be giving messages from Heaven you have to look at every single word they say. Not just all of it as a whole that can sound good, but by looking at every single word and dissecting it. You can see, is this just generalised matter that anybody could say, that you could say, that anyone else could, or is this something much more said within those words? Heaven never, never says things in a flowery way. They never waffle on too much.

Heaven says what they need to say in few words and those words are always perfect. They always say exactly what they want us to know, but so few people will look at the words and really think about them and that’s why they’re taken in by false visionaries. It’s because they listen to generalised words that anybody could say. It sounds good on the surface because people throw in the word Mary, Jesus, Our Lady, whatever and say its come from them. So it’s awe, awe and wonder, but is it from them?

What are they actually telling us and is it for you as an individual or is it for the world? Is it going to make you as an individual change? Is it going to make every single person that hears those words, change? Is it going to make you look deep within? Is it going to make you want to change your life for the better, to serve God better, to serve humanity better? Or is it just casual words said that don’t touch or reach anybody?

By looking at it that way is how you can start to recognise whether this could be genuinely from Heaven or if you’re being misled and whether the person alleging to be a visionary or a mystic is being misled, because not all who do this are doing it through badness. Some are doing it because they don’t test. They might have gifts, they might have an odd gift but they haven’t learnt to use it correctly because they’ve never tested and because they’re often swept up in wanting to be a mystical being, a person that everybody looks up to in awe.

They get carried away with it and because of that they’re then open to being tempted or deceived by Satan and everything he does to deceive, because the one thing he does is play to everybody’s ego. If your ego is being played to that’s when you will go out on show like the woman at Medjugorje who does what I call a daily circus with her audience. You know that isn’t how Heaven works. Why would they repeat the same words every day for forty years?

But then also look for the fruits. Where are the fruits? If it’s truly of Heaven people will be changing. Those who are ready to listen, those who claim to listen, they will be changing their lives and if they haven’t, there are no fruits. If they claim to change while they’re with you, while they’re talking with you, while they’re listening with you, but once you’ve gone, once you’re not there, once they leave where you and they are, if they just go back to normal, chances are its not from Heaven.

Not all will listen. Not all will be ready to change. They may change later. But out of all of those people there have got to be a lot of changes and if there aren’t and only a few change, there’s your answer – there’s your answer.

Medjugorje shows that. There are no fruits. While they’re there they’re swept up with this woman that’s performing to them every day. Miming and doing strange things with her hands, her behaviour and these soppy looks all over her face. It’s the weird stuff coming out of her mouth that doesn’t come out of anyone else’s around or near her that concerns me too, but where are the fruits? While they’re there it’s fanaticism. It’s sheer fanaticism. You can see they’re so swept up in fanaticism that nobody can question them, nobody can say anything. If you question anything they get so angry. That isn’t true heavenly work. Nobody gets that angry at being asked a question if this is truly from Heaven.

I believe everything I get comes from Heaven. I believe it from the bottom of my heart, but if every single person coming to me tested me, questioned me, I would be delighted. Because then I know they’re doing what God asks of us. Why would I get angry at being asked questions or being tested? If I was to get angry that would show I’m not convinced by what I’m hearing, what I’m saying, what I’m doing. You only get angry with people if they’re saying or doing something wrong. I’ve never, ever got angry at anybody testing me, questioning me.

The time I get angry is when they disrespect me, but never angry when they question if I really believe this is from Heaven. That’s because I would have to be honest and say I don’t know. I believe it to be, I truly from the bottom of my heart believe it to be, but I don’t know. I could be being deceived, I don’t know. So why would anybody else get so angry at being asked? There’s so much to it. So much to it. (Sigh) I just wish I could get people to listen and to test but they won’t listen, they just won’t at the moment.

But they will, they will, and I can’t wait to get out there and do it. I can’t wait to teach them because the Church isn’t teaching them, nobody’s teaching them. It’s no good saying look here’s the saint in front of you like they did with Padre Pio. Here’s this man that can do this, do that and do everything else. They’re in one way flaunting him and in another way hiding him, but they’re not teaching anybody how to check anything.

Same with Medjugorje, they’re not teaching anybody. Nobody’s teaching anyone anything and that’s why Satan’s able to get in the back door. He even walks blatantly through the front door, and nobody stops him. Nobody stops him. He doesn’t need to use the back door anymore. He just walks straight in the front door now. Nobody stops him. Hmm I think this is what I’m meant to be teaching.

People are ignoring genuine mystics yet they’re believing false ones and they’re believing the false ones because they’re giving them the drama, the hype and the magic people want today. It’s an instant fix if you like and they don’t have to change their lives to have it.

Whereas people that are giving genuine messages, or what I believe to be genuine messages from Heaven, aren’t heard and are ridiculed.  Those hearing or reading what’s shared don’t like it, they don’t want to hear it because it’s telling them of doom and gloom that’s to come, that they have to change their ways and they don’t want to. It doesn’t stroke their ego. It doesn’t pander to them, saying look how wonderful you are, to keep up these prayers and aren’t you marvellous to pray.

Well, no you’re not marvellous to pray. Praying’s easy. Anybody can pray. Umm and that’s not an insult to you Lynda, because I know you pray and your prayers are more heartfelt than a lot of people’s, but anybody can do that. We have to do more. Are you and others also changing your life in ways we’ve been asked? God hasn’t said, just pray. Our Lady hasn’t said, just pray. They’re asking for more than that too and the false visionaries, the false mystics are just saying to pray while giving generalised warnings. Well, anybody could say and do that.

We know there’s bad things happening in the world so that’s not exactly very clever to say either unless you’re very specific. Anybody could say, oh there’s going to be things happen in the world that are going to cause upset. Well yes, obviously. It’s happening all the time anyway. Anybody can see it is. But what are you going to say that’s specific? What are you (heaven) going to tell us that we don’t already know that can later be proven?

Don’t just tell me to pray. Tell me why. Tell me what’s going to happen if I don’t. Tell me in what ways I need to change. What do I need to do with my life? Why is what I’m doing now not enough?

Those are all things we need to be taught, and if we’re not being told those things to share with others, then you know you aren’t a true visionary. Being a mystic, being a visionary for want of better words (I’m using them because they did), is not sitting there being pretty and giving what people want to hear. It’s not saying pretty things, it’s not being kind, it’s not being gentle, it’s not being non-offensive, it’s actually often the opposite. It’s telling people off. They’ve got to be told and they’re not going to change unless you do tell them off.

You know if a child does something wrong and you’ve asked them to do something and they just say, oh well I’ll do it tomorrow or I’ll do it next week, or do it now but half heartedly, they’re not doing it properly. You’re not going to get the desired result you want, so when you find that result is not there, they haven’t done it, it’s only half done, or partly done or no they’ve put it off till tomorrow, if you’re a good parent,  you’re going to say to them it’s not good enough, and that’s basically what Heaven is saying to us. That what we’re doing is not good enough. You need to be doing more, we need to be. Why aren’t you, why aren’t we? That’s what this is going to be about.”

Lynda: “Do you believe when Heaven comes that it’s for a specific purpose at the time? Would they have a need to come every day?

Lorraine: “Oh, they wouldn’t come every day. There’s no need to come every day. If they came every day, it would be for a different purpose every day, not for the same thing over and over and over and over. They’ve already told you that. Why do they need to keep telling you the same thing every day?

You know Medjugorje is just, ‘pray, say the rosary, if you don’t … (blah blah blah, more of the same and yet more of the same again). Pray, say the rosary, blah blah blah. Pray, say the rosary’. And so it goes on and on and on the same way all the time. What is the point of that? Can you imagine Our Lady wasting her time to come and say that every day for forty years and at a fixed time for an audience?

Come on. You know she wouldn’t. Look how often you have witnessed how often everything happened to me at the time it was happening for what was it, two or three years, where it was very intense and constant? I can’t remember, but it was very intense and every time it happened it was something different. It wasn’t the same thing. It was something different. Sometimes they (heaven) would repeat themselves with certain things but in a different way and always added with something else as well. But every time they did it, it was to give me a little bit more information about it, so that when those things did happen, it would be very specific and very clear. It wouldn’t tell me exactly what was going to happen or when in some ways. I mean they’ve told me about a volcano, they’ve told me where, which country, but they haven’t told me when. They haven’t told me exactly whereabouts in that country either. They haven’t told me what time or what day, or, you know. But when it happens the other things they’ve told me will all become clear. It will all fit.

But it’s not generalised. If it was generalised it wouldn’t be saying it would be in Ireland. It wouldn’t say there was something else so specific as this huge earthquake that’s to follow in Italy. They wouldn’t say that. The two have got to happen together – close together in the ways described. Can’t be separate. Can’t be one and not the other. Because if it is, it’s not of Heaven. It’s just deceptive.

Even if a volcano happened in Ireland, unless a big earthquake to kill thousands or whatever didn’t happen afterwards in Italy as they described, then it wasn’t from Heaven, I’d have been deceived. But they’re not going to come and tell me that same thing every day for forty years. Oh, there’s going to be a volcano in Ireland, oh there’s going to be a volcano in Ireland. Pray and say the rosary. Oh, there’s going to be a volcano in Ireland. What on earth is the point of that for anybody? There isn’t. So no, they wouldn’t come every day like that and if they did it would be for different purposes, different lessons to teach us, different things to ask us.”

Lynda: “At this point I can’t stop smiling and I’m quite overwhelmed at all the information she has just given.”

Lorraine: “What?” she asks wondering what I’m smiling about.

Lynda: I replied, “Hopefully you have this on tape, because with everything you said there was something substantial and important.”

Lorraine: “I think something must be coming. I think it must be. I’ve changed my wardrobe. The fact I’ve changed my wardrobe, the fact things around me in my personal life seem to be changing and happening in a way – pause – just stuff in life in general. (She sighed). I don’t know.” (She never elaborated on what those changes were at the time).

“I hope this time of change is coming. I really hope it is so all can improve. I can’t believe otherwise, because if it is all a deception, my life is being wasted so much. For me to just get older and older then die and none of it’s been achieved or done and nobody’s heard all I was asked to share, if nobody’s changed their ways, then none of it’s been of any importance. I just can’t believe that could be. I just can’t believe that could be. What would have been the purpose?”


Lynda:   P.S.   “I believe the above information had to be written down as a record at this time. It took place just over two years ago, however, something in the last few days has been urging me to send this to Lorraine for her to put on her blog, including the part on Medjugorje. It needs to be made public. I don’t understand why, but there have been times over the years when I have taped or written notes on conversations we’ve had, and I do believe there is something important in these words and that it is important these words be heard.”    (Saturday, November 26, 2022)


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