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Addiction to Mediums

It is time I revised my older books on this subject. Despite not liking the word ‘medium’, it’s one I need to speak about, and it needs to be done in ways people who believe in such things understand. Far … Continue reading

Mediums Do Not Prove Life After Death

On my blog stats. this morning I saw someone had put into a search engine about mediums proving there is life after death. Mediums cannot and do not prove any such thing despite how much they might say they do. I believe there is life after death because God tells us there is and I trust in all He says and does. I am a medium who believes I connect with those in the spirit world that He created to help guide us on our spiritual path and journey. I also believe that at times, I am able to ‘feel’ and receive information about those who have died and can ‘feel’ them next to me, but does any of that prove it?

No matter how much I see, hear, feel or any other thing connected to the work a medium does, none of it proves a thing. If it did, then there would be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that the afterlife exists. All the media, sceptics and scientists would accept it was a fact, but they don’t and this shows nothing at all has been proved. If anyone makes a claim it has to be substantiated and claims of proof of life after death cannot be substantiated so they should stop claiming it. Proof means taking away all doubt because evidence that cannot be disputed has been given. All a medium does is prove they get information from somewhere – full stop.

The people making these wild claims are usually the ones forcing mediumship and not born with the ability naturally. Who give no credit to God for gifts received and who don’t believe in Jesus or anything but what they are able to do – usually taking credit for themselves and man made lessons. I have never heard a natural born medium make such wild claims and say they have proved anything of the sort. We know there are mysteries of life that should be left alone and not delved into. We also know that it is not us making anything happen as it happens when God decides not us.

There is no one of this world who will ever be able to prove there is life after death. They can spend all the money the world has on as many tests as they like, but they will never be able to prove a thing. Likewise, they will never be able to prove there isn’t life after death either. This is why mediumship should be treated with respect, humility and some dignity and not in the way we so often see today. It is something mysterious that God blesses some people with in order to help others quietly and privately when He sees fit and not when they decide by trying to ‘call up’ spirits, which we are told not to do in the Bible.

Please, think about these things and stop believing all the man made hype and wild claims. Remember God’s words, ‘Many are called, but few are chosen’. Yes, He uses the words chosen and it may not refer to mediumship, but it refers to those who He calls to Him, which is us all. Sadly, many reject Him and think they can do everything without Him and many mediums are guilty of this as they refuse to acknowledge Him. Too many today are trying to play at being God and by saying they have proved there is life after death they insult God and His teachings – and they insult man’s intelligence. If you hear anyone make the claim they have proved life after death – run a mile as it means they have delusions of their own grandeur and abilitites.

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